Welcome to Spirits Landing. A Journey To Womanhood. We are a Non Profit Self- Discovery Leadership Academy focused on Women’s Empowerment. Our Mission is to nurture the growth and development of girls and young women 12-29 years old, by providing the necessary tools needed for them to discover their greatness, transcend obstacles and become well rounded leaders who will contribute exceptionally to our world’s social, economic and spiritual reality.


Leadership Academy

Spirits Landing’s LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is an extraordinary, prolific, respected and sought after leadership academy with 3 transformative programs: Self Mastery - our entry level program, Leadership – our second year program and finally, our highest graduation level program entitled Transcendence. All of our programs dive below the surface, promote self discovery, cultivate discipline, and help you go beyond your ordinary limits in order to become an amazing force in this world. You can dream massively in private one-on-one sessions and group classes made of women that will offer genuine sisterhood. Each class and/or program level begins in JUNE every year and applications are accepted year round!

Soul Sessions

Spirits Landing’s SOUL SESSIONS are for young women who are not quite ready for our Leadership Academy or are out of the academy’s age range. Men are also welcome in soul sessions; particularly those boys or men that are significant in the lives of our attending women in order to promote family, spouse, and community healing and elevation.

Whether you are drawn to our Leadership Academy or Soul Sessions, Spirits Landing will nurture, support, guide, give accountability and the tools needed, for you to become your best most authentic self! We look forward to serving you!