be-differentFirst, Unmatched Service. Our number one priority are our students. Our staff considers their success a duty and privilege. Our staff is 100% involved in the lives of our future leaders and are always available for support both during and after their program ends. Secondly, we offer a Ground breaking Curriculum. We know that growth is contingent upon understanding what is needed and fulfilling that need. Therefore, our programs are designed to fulfill the unique needs and goals of each of our students while marrying a curriculum that addresses the mental, spiritual, physical and proven progressive learning and success principles as well as knowledge of how our brain works. In addition, Commitment. We do not simply teach or give information. We take the time to make sure that the information is understood, and well executed, while catering to individual need and learning speed. REAL change for real life.

Finally, Unique. We are a Self Discovery, Non- Academic, Life & Leadership Academy offering unparalled human growth and development tools needed for young girls to succeed. All in an atmosphere of sisterhood that restores genuine love between women.

Each Program /Class begins in June every year. Lasts for One year and ends in a graduation ceremony. Every Student Must start with our entry level program….graduate to our leadership program and ideally stay with us and graduate as a 3 year student from our Transcendence program.

This is our entry level program. In the Self Mastery Program you will begin your journey of building the foundation of your success through gaining a more in depth knowledge of yourself. In this course, you will align your behavior with your belief system, discover your mission and purpose, implement priority management, gain knowledge of your brain, and use positive thinking and visualization techniques. Purpose: To Awaken you to your own Divinity and give new knowledge = knowledge of self. Self Mastery includes the following disciplines:
  1. Self Mastery curriculum
  2. Etiquette curriculum
  3. Womanhood curriculum
leadershipThis program is for our second year student. In our Leadership program students will work on how to become great leaders. Great leaders know how to lead themselves first. Great leaders are great followers, are teachable, coachable, great problem solvers and can matriculate in any room with a magnetic personality and confidence. Purpose: to create leadership through the ability to organize information and experience and/or execute it = Knowing. Leadership includes the following disciplines:
  1. Self Mastery Curriculum
  2. Communication Curriculum
  3. Physical Fitness Curriculum

transendence-classThis program is for our third year student. Transcendence is designed to help you think, live and go beyond your ordinary limits towards your goals. To exercise WILL over emotion and to develop understanding and skill with the law of attraction. Purpose: to combine knowledge with knowing; balance the physical world with spiritual world = Wisdom.  Transcendence includes the following disciplines:
  1. Self Mastery Curriculum
  2. Making A Difference Curriculum ( giving back)
  3. Business Curriculum
  4. Organic Interest Curriculum ( your passion/internships)
  5. Exposure Trips/Travel

  1. All students must completely fill out our online application for their age range.
  2. After application is complete, you may click send/upload button. You may also download the application and mail and/or fax it to us.
  3. After we receive your application, we will then call and schedule a 15 minute phone interview.
  4. You will then be invited to Day 1 orientation
  5. Applicants will then be invited to Day 2 orientation
  6. Finally, if chosen for our academy, you will receive a call within 7 business days!!
  7. All potential students must be between the ages of 12-29 years old